DIY Dust Collector and Separator For a CNC Machine

Does This REALLY Work? 🤔


This is an overview of my current setup so far - a little messy but it gets the job done. I'm currently working on plans for building out the bottom area of the table by adding drawers and shelves and other organizational elements, but for now this works well. I have a separate video on building this CNC table as well as assembling this Onefinity CNC machine - check them out if you're interested! Oh, and build plans for the table can be found here - Simple CNC Table Build Plans

Ok, onto this project - This is how I added a dust separator onto the side of my cnc table. 

Step 1

I already have this dust boot and flexible vaccum hose hooked up to my cnc machine and going to a standard shop vac. The hose arm is by Rowdy Roman on etsy. This works fine so far but I find that I'm using a lot of vaccum bags. And at ~$10 a bag, that can start to add up. In order to combat that, I want to add a dust separator to this "dust collection" system.

Want to see what I'm currently working on?

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