How To Change The Oil - 2018 Honda Accord Sport 1.5

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Below is an image of the tools and materials I used to get this job done. Links to everything seen here are above. 

Step 1

First I drove my Accord up onto ramps, put the parking brake on, and put wheel chocks behind the back wheels for added security.

Step 2

Then, I crawled under my Accord and used a flat blade screw driver to unscrew the (3) turn-screws holding up this small metal panel. This will reveal the oil filter which I come back to in a little bit.

Step 3

Moving back a little bit towards the rear of the vehicle is the oil pan and on the backside of that is the drain plug for the oil pan. I used a 17mm socket and wrench to remove the oil drain plug and drain the oil into a catch pan below.

Step 4

While the oil drained from the oil pan, I moved back up to the oil filter and began to remove that. Oil will drain from this location as well so make sure the oil catch pan is underneath this area also.

Step 5

I made sure to wipe up any oil that dripped down the surrounding area so it wouldn't collect dirt. Then I installed a new oil filter by simply twisting it on. Some people suggest pouring a little bit of new oil in the new filter before installing it, but I've never done that and have never had a problem. But if you want to do it that way, it's up to you.

Step 6

With the new filter installed and all the old oil drained, I replaced the crush ring on the oil drain plug with a new one and reinstalled the oil drain plug.

Step 7

With the oil drain plug reinstalled, I reinstalled the metal guard panel over the oil filter. 

Step 8

My owner's manual states I need 3.7 US qt. of new oil if I replace the oil filter at the same time. Since I replace the oil filter every time, I stick to this number. Double check your owner's manual for exact specifications for your specific vehicle.

Step 9

Under the hood, I unscrewed the oil cap and began pouring in the new oil using a funnel. I poured in the recommended 3.7 US qt. of oil and then put the cap back on. Note that you want to pour in an amount pretty close to the suggested amount, but it doesn't have to be exact at this point. We will check the oil level in the next step. 

Step 10

With the oil cap tightened back on, I closed the hood and backed the Accord off the ramps so it was sitting on a level surface again. I waited approximately 10 minutes for the oil to drain back into the oil pan so I could get an accurate reading on the dip stick. I located the dip stick (the orange little handle just in front of the oil cap).

Step 11

I pulled the dip stick out and wiped the oil off the first time, placing the dip stick back into the hole. Then I pulled the dip stick out again and checked that I had enough new oil. I made sure the oil level was in-between the two dots on the orange part of the dip stick end - preferably as close to the middle of the two dots as possible. If it was closer to the left dot, I would have to add some oil. And if it was too close, on, or past the dot on the right, I would have to drain some oil.

Step 12

Once I had the correct amount of oil in the Accord, I could shut the hood and then move to the driver's seat where I reset the oil life gauge. This step is a whole lot easier to understand if you just watch the project video I made (scroll to the top of this page). You can skip to the end of the video if you just want to watch this part - I won't be upset ;) 

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