Even More Miter Saw Dust Collection Improvements!

Anything Else?

Step 1

First, I used a blow torch to heat up the reducer piece in order to fit the smaller piece inside of it. The smaller piece fits perfectly over the dust chute of my miter saw.

Step 2

Next, I marked out the hole location for the PVC splitter. I used a forstner bit to remove some of the material and then finished up the hole with my trim router. A hole saw is been a better option if you have one.

Step 3

I cut down some short pieces of PVC to bridge between the different fittings and the flexible hose. I used my miter saw for this but you could use a handsaw as well. 

Step 4

Next, I had to modify the dust hood directly behind the saw blade by adding a small piece of wood. This blocks the saw dust from exiting out the front. I cut a small piece and glued it in place.

Step 5

Next, I started building the bigger dust hood by cutting some side pieces out of 3/4" plywood. 

Step 6

Then I cut out a top and a stretcher piece to tie the side pieces together. I used pocket holes to attach everything together. 

Step 7

Before making a front for the large dust hood, I salvaged a blower fan from an old dehumidifier and used that as a filter. I modified it with some plywood and bondo before mounting it in the back corner. 

I cut a hole in the side of the dust hood and added a vent grill for the filtered air to exit through. 

And finally, I plugged the fan into a remote outlet in order to turn it on and off.

Step 8

Lastly, I made a front panel for the dust hood. I started by making a template out of paper, and then transfering that to a thin piece of melamine. 

Step 9

To keep the front panel in place, I countersunk some screws in the edges of the side and top panels, then glued magnets on the front panel in the same spot as the countersunk screws. 

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