Replacing Porter Cable Planer Blades | How To

10 Minute Maintenance

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Step 1

This is for the Porter Cable PC305TP, but I'm sure it's pretty much just as easy for similar style planers. 

Step 2

I started by removing the guard on the outfeed side of the planer. There are two thumb screws (arrows) that get removed in order to remove the guard. 

Step 3

In order to remove the blades I used a T25 bit. There is one located here (image) on the planer if you don't have one. 

Step 4

There are 6 screws to remove in order to remove the metal bar that holds down each blade. Note, when removing this bar, there is a spring underneath on each end.

Step 5

Then I carefully removed the old blade and replaced it with a new one

Step 6

With the new blade installed, I put the planer back together in reverse order of the previous steps. 

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