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A couple things to consider...

The video above will walk you through all the steps to make some of these jack pad adapters yourself! It's very easy, won't take long to accomplish, and can save you a few bucks - all positives in my mind. Also, make sure to download the cutting template above as well! With the template, it’s as easy as downloading it, printing it off, and cutting along the lines. 

Something to consider - if you aren't the first owner of your vehicle, the person before you may have messed up the jack pads (the receiver under the vehicle) pretty bad. Take a look at them, and if they are all messed up, cracked/chewed up, or look like they could fail, it might be a good idea to replace them first before making the jack pad adapters.These jack pads fit a handful of different models including my 2007 BMW 328i. Remember, safety first, especially when working under a vehicle.

This is also a good site to find very specific BMW parts, including jack pads. Here, they have a complete list of all the BMWs these jack pads will work on, and by relation, these jack pad adapters should work for as well. Although they are a bit more expensive, they are a great resource nonetheless. 

Step-By-Step Guide To Using The Jack Pad Adapter Cutting Template

Please note, the images below are to guide you through transferring the cutting template onto the hockey puck. For further instructions on cutting the hockey puck, please refer to the project video 😁

First, download the cutting template and print it off. 

Next, cut out one of the templates.

With a template cut out, grab a hockey puck and cover one face with masking tape.

Place the template on top of the masking tape, lining it up with the edge of the hockey puck all the way around. You may want to use some more tape to hold the template in place. Then take a blade and cut along the lines of the rectangle. 

Next, peel back the tape on the outside to reveal the tape rectangle left in the middle. Cut away everything outside of the rectangle, down approximately half an inch in depth (use the 1/2” strip in the cutting template as a guide). 

Make Some Jack Pad Adapters For Yourself!

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