How To Change The Engine Air Filter and Cabin Air Filter - 2018 Honda Accord Sport 1.5

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Step 1

The engine air filter is located right in front of the battery.

Step 2

First, I removed the (2) clips circled below by simply pulling outward, away from the box.

Step 3

With the (2) clips undone, I lifted the front of the box up a little bit, then pulled it forward towards the front of the car, and then straight up once again. This revealed the engine air filter. The filter came out by lifting it straight up as well.

Step 4

This is the replacement engine air filter I used. If you want to use the same one, I have it linked in the "Materials Needed" section near the top of the page. 

Step 5

The new engine air filter drops right in, just as easy as taking the old one out.

Step 6

There are (2) clips (red circles) on the back side of the plastic cover box that get inserted into (2) slots (blue circles). Sorry, these are a little hard to see, but you'll understand when you are doing it.

Step 7

Then I just re-clipped the front (2) clips.

Step 8

Next, I moved onto the cabin air filter which is located behind the glove box on the passenger side.

Step 9

First, I disengaged the soft-open arm on the right side (circled red). to do so, I pushed down and towards the front of the car. This is a little tough and may seem like you're about to snap this piece in half, but you won't.

Step 10

Then I pulled in on both sides of the glove box till the knobs cleared the surrounding part of the dash. It's a little easier to see in the second picture. Then I pulled the glove box down even further to reveal the cover to the cabin air filter.

Step 11

There is a clip on the left and right side of this filter cover. I pushed in on both clips to disengage them and then removed the cover.

Step 12

Then I pulled the old filter straight out.

Step 13

This is the new filter I used - again, a link to this filter is listed above in the "Materials Needed" section.

Step 14

I installed the new filter by simply sliding it into the slot. Then I put the plastic cover back on and the (2) clips will snap into place. 

Step 15

Then I lifted the glove box up until both the knobs snapped back into place.

Step 16

I then reinstalled the soft-open arm by looping it around the bar on the glove box and pulling upward until it snapped into place.


And that's a wrap on replace both the engine air filter and the cabin air filter.

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