Vinyl Record Storage Box - How To Make

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Step 1

First, I filled in any knot holes with epoxy.

Step 2

With all the knot holes filled, I could rip the boards to width.

Step 3

Next, I cut all the pieces to length.

Step 4

With all 4 pieces cut out, I began laying out the half lap joints and the curved top.

Step 5

Then I took the pieces to the bandsaw to cut everything out.

Step 6

I fine tuned all the joints with a chisel and then I did a dry test fit.

Step 7

I also sanded the inside faces of each piece as it was much easier to do this now rather than later when the box is assembled.

Step 8

Next, I applied some masking tape to the inside corners in order to catch any squeeze out from the glue. This step saves a lot of time later on. Then I applied glue to all the surfaces in contact and clamped it all together.

Step 9

I made sure to check for square. 

Step 10

Next, I took my router and routed a groove along the entire inside bottom edge.

Step 11

I then cut a piece of thin plywood to size that would sit flush in the groove I just routed in.

Step 12

Next, I marked out the locations for the brass rods.

Step 13

Then, I could drill holes for the brass rods over at the drill press.

Step 14

Then I applied some epoxy to each brass rod and hammered them into the holes.

Step 15

While the epoxy on the brass rods cured, I glued and brad nailed the bottom panel in place.

Step 16

Then I sanded everything smooth.

Step 17

For a finish, I used wipe on poly. I really like this finish because it's incredibly simple to apply. 

And just like that, it was finished!

If you're interested in watching the build video - I have it linked at the top of this page, check it out!

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