Washer Toss Game

How To Make and Play

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Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1

I started by ripping some 3/4" plywood to width at the table saw.

Step 2

Then I cut it to length at the miter saw.

Step 3

I began joining all 4 sides with glue and brad nails. 

Step 4

Once the sides were joined, I measured for the bottom pieces of plywood and cut them out at the table saw.

Step 5

Before attaching the bottoms to the rest of the box, I found the center of each bottom piece, cut the PVC pipe to size, and then located the PVC cups on each bottom piece. 

Step 6

Now that the bottoms were mapped out, I attached them to the rest of the box using glue and brad nails. 

Step 7

Then I used my combination square to find the center of the side of the box, leaving a saw blade width between the two marks. 

Step 8

With the center marked, I took it over to the table saw, lined up the mark with the blade, and cut it in half along all four sides. 

Step 9

Using the marked out cup location from before, I pre-drilled some holes from the inside and then countersunk those holes on the outside for some screws. 

Step 10

Next, I used some epoxy to secure the PVC cups to the bottoms initially, following up with some screws from the underside. 

Step 11

Then I used a razor blade to cut some leftover speaker box carpet to size.

Step 12

With the carpet cut to size, I used some spray adhesive to attach it to the bottoms of both sides.

Step 13

To keep it all together while stored, I added two lasps to the box on opposite sides.

Step 14

Next, I added a fresh coat of paint to the washers.

Tip: Use some neon or really bright spray paint when painting the washers - you'd be surprised how difficult these can be to find in the grass!

Step 15

To give the box a little bit of protection, I applied a few coats of wipe-on poly. 

Step 16

And lasty, I added a pair of leather handles to the box for easy carrying! That's it!

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