iMac Stand with Hidden Wireless Charging

How To Build A Monitor Stand

Step 1

First, I started by marking my cut lines on the walnut and then cutting the pieces out at the miter saw.

Step 2

Then I glued the halves together and clamped them over night while the glue dried. Now I have 3 pieces - the top and both legs of the monitor stand.

Step 3

Next, I tilted the table saw blade to 22.5 degrees and cut an angle on both ends of the top piece, and one end of each leg piece. 

Step 4

With the first few angles cut, I did a dry assembly with masking take and confirmed that the angled cuts on the bottoms of the legs would be a 45 degree cut. 

Step 5

Next, I wanted to add a wireless charger to the underside of the monitor stand. First I had to determine how thin the wood would have to be between the charger and the phone for the phone to take a charge. I determined that 3/32" would work well.

Step 6

I flipped the top piece upside down and traced out the wireless charger. From there, I slowly began to remove wood with my trim router until there was approximately 3/32" of wood left.

Step 7

Next, I wanted to add a small shelf on the backside of the monitor stand. This shelf would hold my external hard drives up off the desk and somewhat hide them from view. In order to do so, I had to make a slot at an angle for the shelf to slide into. So I made a quick trim router jig and began cutting the slots.

Step 8

Then I cut a piece out to make up the shelf.

Step 9

With all the pieces finalized, I began the glue-up. I added glue to the joining surfaces and then used blue masking tape as a clamp and let the glue dry overnight. 

Step 10

Finally I sanded everything smooth and added a few coats of clear satin wipe-on poly. 

Step 11

To attach the wireless charger, I just used a few globs of hot glue and stuck it in place.


That's it, the monitor stand is complete! If you want to make a monitor stand with wireless charging just like this, be sure to check out the plans either at the top of the page or down below! Thanks!

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