Modern Coffee Table | How to Make


Step 1

First, I began by ripping 2x6's in half and cutting off all the rounded corners, then planing them flat.

Step 2

Then I began gluing up the two slabs and clamping them till the glue dried. 

Step 3

While the slabs dried, I began working on the metal base. I cut the pieces to length using a metal cutting blade in my reciprocating saw.  

Step 4

I used the slabs to clamp the metal pieces to and tack weld everything together so I would have a perfect fit. Then I removed the metal from the wooden slabs and complete a full weld along the whole seam. This way I wouldn't burn the wood.

Step 5

With everything welded together, I ground the welds smooth. I wanted a seamless look, so sometimes I'd have to go back and forth between welding and grinding till everything was smooth and flat. 

Step 6

Next, I cut pieces to length that would be supporting the slabs and drilled a few holes in each of them.

Step 7

Then, using the slabs to get perfect spacing, I welded those supports in place.

Step 8

After grinding everything smooth, I applied 3-4 coats of Rust-oleum flat black spray paint. 

Step 9

After sanding the wooden planks smooth, I applied pre-stain wood conditioner to the planks before staining them - hence the name :)

Step 10

Then, I applied a dark walnut stain to the planks.

Step 11

Once the planks were stained, I applied a few coats of clear satin wipe-on poly, sanding lightly with 220 grit paper between coats.

Step 12

Once all the paint and finish was dried, I began assembly. I installed the legs by sliding them onto the wooden planks and then using a bolt and hammer to make an impression on the wood. 

Step 13

The bolt impressions told me where to drill the holes for the threaded inserts I used. 

Step 13

Then I simply tightened the bolts and this project was complete!

Check out the build plans if you want to make a coffee table like this for yourself - links are at the top of the page or below! Thanks!


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